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Based in the UK, a visionary company that excels in trading

At Fortitude Management Consultants, we pride ourselves on our ability to thoroughly understand your needs and aspirations. Our partners are able to offer a wide range of solutions to high net worth and accredited individuals.

We only work with reputable companies that offer products in the renewable energy, Forex and property market. Each company we work with offers a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you offset the risks against the rewards.

When dealing with any member of our team, you can expect a relaxed and professional introduction to the investment you have shown an interest in and a methodical approach in regards to what may be the right choice for you.

Fixed Rate Returns

Fixed rate returns per annum depending on the type of Bond

Investor Security

Funds handled by a Regulated Custodian

Security Trustees

Some of our offerings include a Security Trustee

Some Interesting Facts.

Boundless capabilities, limitless chances.
£ 45 M
$bn Forecast Forex Yield
12 %
$bn Global Forex gross win
18 +
$bn Forecast Forex Yield
£ 29 M
$bn Forecast Forex Yield

A simple strategy for high returns.


Low risk is a key feature of an investment which most investors look for when building a successful portfolio. In order to be a successful investor and reach your goals quickly, diversifying your Investment Portfolio is essential. In addition you need a proven trader/manager to ensure proper risk controls.

Our Managed Account Strategy has helped individuals achieve a balance in there personalised goals and ambitions and we understand that one size does not fit all, therefore we prefer to talk to our investors and allow them to choose what is right for them based on a thorough discussion on objectives and goals on capital invested.



We have various market driven opportunities for High Net Worth individuals ranging from Fixed rate return Bonds to Managed Accounts with Forex Brokers. Most of our partners have a proven track record of performance and have in place measures that minimise risk.

In addition to the benefit of capital appreciation, fixed income bonds provide investors with a steady stream of income generated from a portfolio’s balance. Bonds all pay steady interest payments to investors, creating a consistent cash inflow to investors. Fixed interest rates are set when the Bond is issued, and these payments are guaranteed as long as the issuing entity does not default.

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